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Generator Repair Services in Colorado and Southern Wyoming

Generator SourceRepairing the Generator has been working on large industrial and commercial commercial power generation equipment that has helped provide power around the the world for almost 40 years.  We have taken that expertise and also offer that to customers in our local service region- this currently includes all of Colorado and up into Southern Wyoming.  In addition to traditional preventative maintenace and load testing we also provide complete generator troubleshooting and repair service.  Our technicians can help identify your issues and repair them as needed.  Generator won't start, no problem give us a call.  Generator is leaking, same difference give us a call.  We offer mobile service options, pickup and delivery, and drop off at our facility.

Repairing a Generator Successfully

Replacing a failed component is generally thought of as a repair. Only replacing a failed item can result in a repeat failure. When the generator is loaded, it is a probable time for a repeat failure. 

Utility power failure is an instance of when the generator is loaded. When emergency power is interrupted because of a repeat failure, it costs in downtime and the repeat of the repair process.

A proven, established repair practice can almost completely reduce the risk of repeat component failures. Occasionally a manufacturer's defect to a part that did not surface during testing can fail. This is a rare but occasional occurrence.

Generally, when a newly replaced part fails it is because of something that was not identified in the troubleshooting steps of the repair process. Successful processes isolate the cause of the failure.

The generator shuts down due to low coolant level. The technician discovers a failed hose and replaces it. The coolant system is topped off and the generator is started for inspection. The generator shuts down on the next load event because of high temperature. In addition to a hose failure, the coolant pump was leaking out of the weep hole with a continuous drip. During a loaded operation, the pump failed completely. Performing a complete cooling system inspection by a technician would have prevented this problem.

Types of Generator Repairs Offered

Generator Troubleshooting
Emergency power is an integration of multiple systems. The complexity of the buildings' power application determines the size and design of the backup power system.

When the generator starts, accepts the load, and performs to specifications repeatedly, these are requirements to a successful repair. The technician must have electronic/electrical and mechanical skills to effectively repair a power generation failure.

We have divided the repair process into the following categories:
  • Troubleshooting - It is important to determine the cause of the component failure and repair both. This helps ensure the failure does not repeat.
  • Light Repair - These repairs can often be completed without long downtimes. Often components beyond wear limits are identified during maintenance inspections. Some examples are failures with engine fuel or cooling systems. Including; belts, hoses, fuel pumps, loose connectors, wiring, and injectors.
  • Heavy Repair - These repairs can require a longer downtime of the generator. For facilities with critical power requirements, a backup generator is advised for the unlikely event of a power failure. Replacing the generator engine, alternator, radiator, and cylinder head are examples of heavy repairs.
  • Accessories - Accessories are often considered auxiliary or support systems. Any equipment outside the generator can be considered an accessory. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), distribution panels containing circuit breakers for emergency power distribution are some examples of the equipment.
  • Control Panel Installation - We place control panels in a category all on its own because of the skill set and tools involved in replacing a generator control panel are unique.
  • Parts - We stock parts commonly used in generator maintenance and repair. Both engine and alternator parts are stocked. We can acquire parts that are not commonly stocked.
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans & Agreements Available
  • Temporary Power & Generator Rental Options
  • Service for All Makes and Models - 20 kW to 2500 kW and Up
  • Mobile Service, Pickuop & Delivery, or Drop-Off at our Facility
Click any of the above links for more topic information. We provide Colorado and Southern Wyoming with generator maintenance and repair services. With 37+ years in the generator business, we can present a comprehensive solution for all your generator needs. Call us at 720-996-0399 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.


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