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Generator Service In Florida & Southern Region

In addition to sales and rentals, Generator Source offers a wide range of professional generator services for commercial and residential customers throughout our Southern Region which includes; Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Our fleet of service trucks, a staff of trained power generation technicians, and a 40 year history of specializing in commercial and industrial power generation gives us the ability to provide comprehensive services to all our customers. Jacksonville Beach Generator Being Installed

Generator Services Provided

We offer in-house generator drop-off and pickup (at our 5 acre facility in Jacksonville, Florida), plus have on-site full-service power generation technicians in pre-stocked service trucks to efficiently meet all customer requirements. Our generator services offered include:
  • Preventative Maintenance - Generator technicians perform both mechanical and electrical tasks/inspections on a regular interval. This drastically decreases the chances of failure from improperly maintained or neglected generators.
  • Generator Repair - Our technicians will troubleshoot the equipment. Once the failed component is identified, the cause of the failure must be determined and corrected. Once the total repair is completed, we test the system to ensure operational efficiency. For customer convenience, Generator Source provides fast drop-offs at our facility for things like third-party rental generators, tour buses, food trucks and other mobile power equipment.
  • Load Bank Testing - These tests simulate a load to the generator without placing it on the grid. Most critical systems require this test to be completed on a regular schedule. Some repair tasks require a load bank test to ensure the repair corrected the issue. This can be considered a Repair or Maintenance task depending on the situation. We offer mobile Resistive, Reactive, and Combination-style load bank testing options.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service - Our generator technicians are here to help all hours of the day.
  • Fire Pump & Switchgear Service -- Installation, maintenance, and repair for your fire pump systems. Fire pumps are customized for their specific operation. Thus hiring a certified technician to perform fire pump services is important.
  • Accessories - Ancillary equipment and systems of any style that aid in the supply of generated power includes Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), switching, and control systems alarm and warning systems. As an ASCO reseller, we also provide sales of switches as needed.
  • Parts - These are commonly stocked maintenance and standard repair parts for most generators such as filters, oil, cabling, and more.
  • Annual Agreements & Service Contracts - In addition to single repair options, we also provide hassle-free, rate locking annual service agreements.
  • Power Systems Consulting - From design to site planning and installation, and more.
  • Installation and De-Commissioning - We can remove old generators and/or help install new ones.
  • Temporary Mobile Rental Power Options - For mission-critical customers, we can provide temporary power while providing on-site service.
  • 24/7 Emergency Service Available - For mission-critical customers with special requirements. 
CALL or use our Florida FLORIDA GENERATOR SERVICE REQUEST FORM  to get more information.

Generator Service in Jacksoville area for all Critical Power ApplicationsLoad Bank Testing a Cummins Generator

Apartment complexes, hospitals, nursing homes, and data centers are all buildings with critical power requirements. These buildings must have running electricity should the utility power grid fails. Whenever the power is lost in a building, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) accepts the load until the backup generator is automatically placed online. 

Standard generator test starts the generator and runs it in an unloaded condition. Generators that serve critical requirements are load tested. This test places the generator under various loads for a predetermined amount of time. Any operational problems can be isolated and repaired prior to a true power loss and load condition.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) works hand-in-hand with other regulatory agencies to ensure buildings that serve industry with critical power requirements meet specifications. Annual maintenance and load bank testing of the backup power equipment are part of the NFPA's requirements.

Generator Source's technicians combine manufacturer guidelines with any industry requirements to complete all work related tasks.

Generator Source Projects and Case Studies

  To see a more examples of recent projects we have completed,  be sure to visit our Southern Region Florida Generator Service Project Profiles section for a summary of services provided and pictures of our generator technicians in action. Customer references are also available on request.

Generator Source has provided services to businesses of all types throughout the Southern Region, which includes Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Projects include municipalities and goverment, telecom companies, property management firms, water storage and treatment facilities, hospitals, health care provides, agricultural grow houses, data centers,deom and asset removals, and more!

View the complete list of our current Service Areas here.

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