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BLOG > May 2021
Integrating Surge Arrestors Into Used Generator Configuration

What is a surge arrester?

A surge arrester is a protective device designed to limit voltages on industrial generators by discharging or bypassing the surge current. The surge arrestor helps prevent continued flow to the ground current. This device does not absorb lighting nor stop lighting, which is a common reasons for power grid surges. Rather, the device diverts the lighting strike, limits the industrial generator voltage, and protects the installed generator. 


There are many applications for surge arresters. Examples include protecting a utility substation, data center power grind, or a residential home. Surge arresters are installed on the used generator’s circuit breakers, inside pad mounted transformers or on pole-mounted riser poles at substations.

Standards for surge arresters are defined by IEEE standard C62.11 and IEC standard 60099-4.

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Emergency generators keep water districts ready to operate during power outages

What are water utilities?

Water districts and utilities are the infrastructure required to both supply homes and businesses with clean water as well as to remove & clean wastewater.  Water utilities can be private entities as well as public agencies, depending on their location.  Water districts are comprised of six basic parts:

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2021 Texas Power Crisis / ERCOT Analysis

Winter Storm Uri was a major winter storm with widespread impacts across the United States, especially in Texas. The 2021 Texas power crisis left more than 4.5 million homes and businesses without power. This massive electricity generation failure resulted in shortages of water, food, and heat causing financial pain for millions of people. Events like this continue to remind society how important and necessary reliable power is in navigating daily life. By investing in an used industrial generator you will safeguard your business and family the next time mother nature strikes.


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