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BLOG > July 2020 > Are You Prepared for A Summer Power Outage?

Are You Prepared for A Summer Power Outage?

Summer is upon the world and as the temperatures start climbing businesses across the world will stark cranking up their AC units in order to keep employees and customers happy as they conduct business. This phenomenon across millions of businesses will result in higher than normal consumption of electricity which will overload the power grinds, resulting in summer power outages across the globe. To mitigate any lost revenue a business will incur from a loss of power it's critical to have an industrial used generator installed and ready for operations at your facility.

Is Your Business Prepared for a Summer Power Outage?

The northern hemisphere is halfway through summer, and with temperatures continuing to climb, businesses and homeowners are cranking up their AC units.  Much of the daytime demand comes from businesses cooling their facilities to keep employees and customers happy as they conduct business while evening demand shifts to residences. This seasonal increase in electricity can overload already stretched power grids. Temporary summer power outages, also known as rolling blackouts or brownouts, will occur across the globe. To mitigate any loss of revenue due to the lack of power; it is critical to have an industrial used generator installed and ready for operations at your facility.
In the best case, a power outage only causes momentary electricity downtime. Outages lasting longer than 10 seconds can cause serious problems for facilities without UPS and backup generators. As demand spikes, serious damage to power lines may cause an interruption of grid power for days, even weeks. With the current COVID-19 environment coupled with a prolonged outage, any business would struggle to survive without power.   
The high cost of downtime is a critical reason to invest in a used industrial generator to keep the lights on and your business in operation. Weather related blackouts in areas like California also create a strain on businesses and residences across the state. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is struggling with the established and aged infrastructure. It will take years and billions of dollars to upgrade the grid to a reliable and dependable level.

Preparing For A Summer Power Outages With An Industrial Diesel Generator

It is important for your organization to be prepared for any summer power outages. Every company attempts to minimize operational downtime in order to mitigate costs and maximize sales opportunities. The following concepts will help ensure your organization prepare for a summer power outage.

1. Invest in an industrial diesel or natural gas generator

Used industrial generators keep business operations going in the event of a power outage. These industrial generators provide power to run essential IT departments, appliances, and electricity for an organization. Generator Source provides used industrial diesel generators from 500 kW to 3,000 kW - we have the proper used industrial generator for your needs! Please contact our experienced staff so we can understand your needs and match the best industrial generator for your organization.  When paired with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and automatic transfer switch (ATS), generators can protect your business from power disruptions spanning seconds to days.


2. Keep your industrial generator well maintained.

Make sure a certified electrician with generator experience installs the industrial generator at your facility.  Electricians with generator experience have a unique skill set. Generators have three major components (engine, control panel, and generator end).  All of these components need special attention and maintenance over time. The goal is to make sure your generator is ready to run when the power goes out. Additionally, ensure a transfer switch is professionally installed, which helps in providing a smooth transition between the utility power and the backup diesel generator. Load bank testing your generator exercises the generator and will ensure that it is ready to pick up the stated load in an outage.

Having an additional fuel tank installed on your industrial generator is a great accessory to invest in. Extra fuel tanks is a great way to provide power generator for prolonged periods. You never know how long a power outage will be, thus be prepared with an extra fuel tank for your used industrial diesel generator.  Approximate fuel use calculations are available on our website.

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