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BLOG > January 2022 > Used Generators for Grow Rooms in Cannabis Operations

Used Generators for Grow Rooms in Cannabis Operations

The cannabis industry is growing at a fast rate throughout the United States. The market is estimated to be $13.6 billion while providing 340,000 jobs dedicated to just handling the plants. With such a large industry taking shape, the demand for energy-efficient systems to power cannabis grow operations continues to climb. This industry continues to move towards off-grind energy solutions in order to fulfill their energy requirements. This is where Generator Source’s large inventory of surplus and used industrial generators comes to market. The need for reliable off-grid power solutions is a problem the cannabis industry will continue to have. Luckily, Generator Source offers simple, cost effective solutions to all customers.

Cannabis grow rooms have found a specific interest in high power used industrial generators to helpDepositphotos_309883318_L.jpg support plant growth in controlled environments. Cannabis has quickly become a very valuable crop in the United States. The plan requires specific growing conditions in order to prosper. Equipment like fans, lights, and humidity devices must be properly running in order to grow the crop and on-grind power solutions commonly cannot get the job done. Thus cannabis grow room owners' turn to surplus and used industrial generators from Generator Source for a solution.


Why New or Used Industrial Generators are Important for Grow Rooms 

Construction of cannabis grow rooms is a large investment to get up and running. If the grow room doesn’t have sufficient backup power installed, you run a high risk in losing the entire operation’s yield. Power outages and grid failures are nearly impossible to predict and can occur at any time. The only solution during such hardships is to have a surplus or used industrial generator installed at the facility. By having off-grid backup power installed, the business lowers their risk profile by ensuring operations remain running while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of turning a profit. 


In areas of the county with a strong electrical grind and few power outages, there are still risks of losing power due to weather conditions. Additionally, regular voltage fluctuations can lead to serious damages to your electrical equipment. The repair and replacement costs will be very expensive, thus, it’s wise to invest in a reliable backup used generator from Generator Source to prevent such costs from occurring. 

What to Consider When Buying a Grow Room Industrial Generator


Grow room industrial generators come with a lot of variety. To help ensure your cannabis business runs smoothly, Generator Source recommends focusing on the following elements to ensure your used industrial generator powers your grow room adequately.


Generator Size 86602-1.jpg

Your industrial generator’s size is a critical feature when you set up the grow room. You need to invest in a used generator that provides adequate power to your entire electrical system. If you don’t have enough power being generated from a new or used generator, you run the risk of causing downstream mechanical issues and maintenance costs since you’re pushing the generator beyond its capabilities. Undersized new or used generators will break down more frequently so we recommend buying a piece of equipment that at minimum meets your power needs, however, investing in a slightly more powerful new or used generator is a smart business decision. 


Fuel Type 

There are many different types of fuel new and used industrial generators can use. For example, equipment can run on diesel, natural gas, or propane. We recommend taking into account the following parameters when selecting your generator: 

> Federal and State Regulations

> Local Emissions

> Fuel Cost

> Portability

> Distance between the engine and fuel source

> Fuel availability


Gasoline Surplus or Used Industrial Generators 71259-1-(1).jpg

Industrial generators that run on gasoline are the most common type of fuel. The equipment comes in a variety of sizes and the performance is reliable. Additionally, this fuel type is great for portable generators because gasoline is easily available in most parts of the world.


Diesel Used Generators 

Diesel generators are the most efficient pieces of equipment out there. The diesel fuel can last up to three times longer than gasoline and is considered a safer option. Thus for heavy-duty industrial generators, diesel engines are the preferred choice. 



Portable generators are designed for construction work and work sites. When it comes to your grow room, you’re better off investing in a new or used fixed standby industrial generator. Most grow room generators are heavy and supply a lot of power, thus it’s very inconvenient to move your industrial generator around. Additionally, using a fixed standby generator entails that your electrical connections can be permanent. This helps you design the grow room in an optimal way for max production. 



Cannabis grow rooms require lots of power to remain in operation. Relying only on the electrical grid to provide this power is a risky proposition since any prolonged power outage will ruin the crop, resulting in a large sunk cost! The solution to such a disaster is to invest in a new, surplus or used industrial generator from Generator Source. We’ve been doing business for 39 years, have a A+ rating with the BBB, encompass the ability to work on any industrial generator model and we service all generators to ensure they will arrive in good working order. Contact us today to get started!

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