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BLOG > August 2021
Elements of a Generator Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance programs for diesel generators serves as a critical role in maximizing the lifespan and reliability of the standby power systems.

The modern day electrical grid delivers reliable electricity to countless homes and businesses throughout this great nation. Unfortunately electrical failures are a common occurrence across the electric grid due to hurricanes, floods, or major equipment failures. While any natural disaster is near impossible to prepare for, major equipment failures do present opportunities for mitigation via a robust generator maintenance program brought to you by Generator Source.

There are many ideas which come to mind when dealing with power loss from major equipment failures. To start, ensure the diesel generator’s batteries are fully charged and tested regularly under a load. A faulty battery ensures the used generator will not run when a power outage occurs.

Kyle Smith | 8/31/2021 10:40:41 AM | 0 comments