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BLOG > April 2024 > 150,000 CO Residents Saw Power Outages Due To Storm, Xcel Over Weekend

150,000 CO Residents Saw Power Outages Due To Storm, Xcel Over Weekend

A Wind Storm Caused Power Outages In Colorado While Xcel Added To The Fray Cutting Power To Homes To Avoid Downed Power Lines And The Risk Of Starting Fires 

A spring storm saw wind, snow and rain knock out power to 150,000 Colorado residents. However, 55,000 of those folks were without energy due to Xcel shutting off power to numerous customers as a precaution to prevent downed powerlines causing fires.  

Xcel shut off power to 55,000 Colorado customers across six counties Saturday for a controlled outage planned to last more than 24 hours, citing the dangerous wind and the increased risk of fire over the weekend, according to Xcel.

christian-garcia-vuViWUQPyEg-unsplash-(Custom).jpgAs the storm peaked late Saturday and into Sunday, a total of 150,000 people were without power. By Monday morning there were still over 50,000 homes without power as the cleanup began. (

Trees were toppled over, closing roads and causing delays if not detours. The highest recorded wind speed was reported in Boulder at 97 MPH at the NCAR Mesa Lab. The winter months typically produce the most windstorms with gusts over 75 MPH, but this weekend’s storm saw 40 gusts surpassing that mark.

On Monday morning, crews were currently working to restore power to the 50,000+ homes and businesses that are still without power. Of course, a standby generator would keep your business or home powered in the event of a weather-related outage or a power company deciding to cut your power as a precaution. See the stats on the rising number of weather related outages and power companies cutting power as well as why it's more important that ever to be prepared.  

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