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Purchasing Team Blows Into Windy City For Huge Decom Project

Our Purchasing Team has had a busy start to 2023! First Tennessee, and then Chicago in late January! We had a decommissioning project in the heart of downtown Chicago with the understanding the project would need to be done quickly and effectively due to the time constraints and of course permits. Our team was more than happy to fly out multiple times to make sure the project ran smoothly to safely decommission and transport (2) 2250kW generators and fuel tanks to our facility in CO.
“This project was highlighted by a tight deadline, numerous permits given the downtown location in Chicago, size and weight of the generators, railroad requirements and multiple trips to the site,” said project manager Jeremy Rhoads.
Generator Source was only allotted a certain amount of time for pickup causing a strict timeline, according to Rhoads. Our team worked closely with project engineers adding to the multiple timelines.

The decommissioning included disconnecting the conductors from the generator circuit breakers. Our team disconnected and removed the paralleling cabling between the units. Rhoads also had to coordinate the disposal of 17,000 gallons of old diesel fuel.

“These units weigh in at a little over 90,000 pounds and because of space constraints we used a massive 550-ton crane to do a multiple pick plan, putting enclosures on trailer on an entrance ramp to the street,” said Rhoads. “We also had to work closely with the railroad as their yard was next door, providing lift diagrams, as well as timeframes for all movement.”

The decom crew then prepared the generators and enclosures for lifting to four awaiting trucks. Why four trucks for two units? Four trucks were needed because each generator needs to be transported separately from its fuel tank, according to Rhoads.

“Due to the massive size of the equipment on the trailers, we had a team dedicated to assisting in route planning and ensuring the equipment would arrive safely, as we only were allowed to travel during certain times of day,” added Rhoads. “We received and unloaded one generator at our Brighton, CO location, while the other has already found a new home. Now we will prepare the other generator for sale and perform our standard 31-point inspection.”

Click here for the listing for the remaining unit, #89635, a 2250 kW Diesel Caterpillar with 315 hours. If you have a generator you need to sell, visit to read more on our purchasing team and what we look for.

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