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Decommissioning, Purchase and Removal Case Studies

Generator Souce Not Only Buys Used Generators, But Can Also Manage The Decommissioning Of The Unit 
Crane Services Remove 2500 kW Generator
Generator Source provide decommissioning, removal, shipping, and purchase services in the United States and Canada. We travel throughout these areas purchasing and removing a wide variety of generators. No two removal and decommissioning jobs are the same. Our 35+ years of experience allows us to flawlessly perform removal in a wide variety of settings.

Decommissioning and Removal

Decommissioning an emergency or standby power generation system includes taking it out of service. Large installations that have critical power requirements can have many steps, including the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. 

Every new job requires a personalized design. We normally:
  • Travel to the job site to view system layout, conduct a photoshoot, and list the equipment 
  • Create and present a Statement of Work (SOW) defining all points of the project
  • Once approved, we perform equipment decom and the removal steps

Lifting Services

Removing and loading large generators often requires an outside crane service. Our providers can accurately calculate the size of the crane needed to remove the generator. A basic rule of thumb is that the weight capability of the crane decreases as the boom length increases. 

Generators located indoors can add extra levels of difficulty. Many times, the generator will have to be disassembled in order to move it out of the room to the outside loading area. Fork trucks, overhead cranes, chain hoists, and a host of specialty tools can be used for this process.

Shipping Services

Every state and province has different rules for shipping standard sized loads and wide loads. Generators and their associated equipment must be properly prepared for the trip, loaded, and secured. 

Case Studies

Removing Emergency Generator Equipment
To see a sampling of recent decommissioning and removal projects located throughout the United States and Canada use the links below:

Accessory Equipment

After the generator is removed, the supporting equipment must be disconnected and removed. Any piece of equipment that supports the operation of the generator must also be disconnected and removed. 

Fuel tanks, HVAC equipment, radiator cooling louvers, and the building exhaust are a few examples of supporting equipment. Distribution panels, generator paralleling panels, and circuit protection devices comprise the electrical equipment.

We offer a turn-key plan for decommissioning and removing your complete power generation system. Our clients are supplied with a properly planned and executed project. This is a worry-free approach to removing, shipping, and selling your power generation system.

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