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The Generator Source Shipping Process

750kW Genset Getting Ready for Shipment
Generator Source has over 30 years experience of shipping generators domestically and internationally. We have the expertise and knowledge of the United States, Canada and various international markets to get your generator to your desired destination on-time and undamaged. Shipping can be quite nerve racking but rest assured we guarantee your generator will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism. Our word is our bond.

Domestic Shipping

The majority of our customers reside in the United States and Canada. Shipping domestically is hassle-free and can be accomplished in as little as a few days. Unlike international shipping, domestic shipping only requires one freight company with a flatbed trailer and a crane company to unload the unit from the truck.

In instances where shipment is required immediately, teams of truck drivers rotate driving duties so that the convoy never stops. Generator Source has a number of trusted vendors we use for all of our domestic shipping needs so you can rest assured that we are only using shipping companies that are both cost effective and reliable.

International Shipping

International shipping can be complex if you don't have years of experience. At Generator Source, we've been in business for over 30 years, and have shipped numerous power generator sets abroad. The following paragraphs describe our procedure for shipping equipment overseas.

Determining International Size and Weight Dimensions

Unlike other large equipment exporters, we receive multiple quotes from our trusted international shipping partners to find you the best deal. We do not like to quote shipping costs until we have researched the specifications of the units. We take the time to get exact dimensions and weight of the generator as well as any additional fabrications, parts or modifications. (Mufflers, Radiators, Trailers, Enclosures, Fuel Tanks, Roofing etc…)

Researching International Shipping Companies

Once we have the weight and size of the generator we work with the shipping brokers to figure out the exact container size needed. For projects with unique dimensions we do our best to configure the most efficient layout in the container to fit as many units as possible. We do this to save you money!

Other factors associated with shipping internationally include Documentation Services, Insurance (usually 3% of the value of the cargo) and crane/rigging of the units at each destination (Seller’s Warehouse, Seller’s Port, Buyer’s Port and Buyers final destination.)

International Pre-Shipping Process

1. Determining the seller’s port (Generator Source) and the buyer’s port (You the customer)
2. Getting exact dimensions and weight of the unit, including modifications.
3. Getting multiple shipping quotes from pre-qualified shipping companies to find the best price.
4. Getting multiple quotes from crane/rigging companies to load the unit on and off a flat bed trailer.
5. Obtaining the proper documentation or permits to ship internationally.
6. Coordinating the day of shipment in the US to domestic port and then tracking the shipment as it arrives overseas.

Tracking the Shipment

Crane Loads Unit onto Flatbed Trailer -> Trailer Drives Unit to Domestic Port -> Port Cranes Loads Unit into Shipping Container -> Port Cranes Load Shipping Container onto Cargo Ship -> Cargo Ship Docks at Buyers Port -> Port Cranes Unload Shipping Container from Cargo Ship -> Port Cranes Unload Unit from Shipping Container onto Flatbed Trailer -> Trailer Drives Unit to Buyers Final Destination -> Crane Unloads Unit for Installation

Cost of Shipping Internationally

The biggest misconception regarding international shipment is the cost. Most people would assume it would cost an arm and a leg to ship an industrial generator. In fact, rates are very reasonable. For example, to ship a 10,000 lbs. 500kw Cummins to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia it would cost roughly $4,500. Shipping domestically is considerably less.

Major Shipping Destinations

We will ship to most major destinations throughout the world. Major destinations include but are not limited to:

All 50 US States and Canada!

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